Welcome to my “The Millennium Falcon” project. Here I post my progress on building a 3D replica of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy … the 32″ Millennium Falcon used in The Empire Strikes Back.

I’ll frequently post my progress on the model and later there will be a gallery with artwok made with this model.

Hope you like what I’m doing here …

… have fun and … may the force be with you!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Looks great as always with your level of attention to detail. Look forward to seeing its progress. How far will you take it, will you do the gunports and interiors. I assume you will do a cockpit and ramp as well. What else do you have in store for it.

    • HI John,

      thank you for your nice comment.

      Yes, there will be alot of nice extras like a Cockpit interior but this will be not hires mostly textures and lights. There will be the ramp too and I think I’ll add the gunports too.

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